Brain Academy

To empower children whose achievements are not equal to their potential by equipping them with skill to be more successful at school.

About Brain Academy

We are advocates and champions for children. We believe that within every child there is the potential to overcome personal struggles in learning, and become happy, healthy, contributors to society. Brain Academy is designed for all students. For students who may show a deficit in a learning situation Brain Academy is meant to build learning skills through movement and exercises.

Students that do not seem to have any deficit in learning will also benefit from the Brain Academy curriculum because enhancing their abilities will strengthen their natural skills. The primary goal of Brain Academy is to improve academics and help students read, organize, think and move.

Brain Academy is both developmentally proper for age and milestone, but also a trigger to stimulate both brain hemispheres and have children moving as they are learning. Brain Academy is steeped in exercises that improve eye movement, visual processing and working memory, as well as being a practitioner/instructor of the Bal-A-Vis-X program.

Motor development is required for students to use their body, brain and visual systems together to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Students are constantly using body and mind together in school. Enhancing eye movements is the root to reading. Brain Academy will not only train eye muscles to have better control, but classroom behavior and student attention to lessons improve. As a result, reading skills will increase.