A series of Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, of varied complexity, all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm.

About Bal-A-Vis-X

Exercises are done with sand-filled bags and racquetballs, sometimes while standing on a balance board. In distilled essence, Bal-A-Vis-X enables the whole mind-body system to experience the natural symmetrical flow of a pendulum. Bal-A-Vis-X requires focused attention, demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge, fosters peer teaching. It is school friendly and just plain fun.

TRAINING (17 hours)

Session A: Foundation Exercises & Intermediate Exercises
Active participation learning fundamental BAVX principles, rhythms, patterns, and procedures. Foundation exercises begin with Hand-over-Hand exercises that instill proper rhythm of BAVX. Incorporating the feet adds to the level of complexity. The Intermediate Exercises gives in-depth instruction that focuses on 50 of the more demanding exercises utilizing both bags and balls.

Multiple modifications for the young, and severe special needs of the principles, rhythms, patterns, procedures, and exercises are included. We also obtain Learning Dominance Profiles from two or your struggling students, then work with these students for 20 minutes to show you before-BAVX / after-BAVX states of being.