Balance / Auditory / Vision /eXercise – has more than 300 exercises. It enables the mind-body system to experience the symmetrical flow of a pendulum. It engenders focus. In group settings the exercises demand cooperation, promote self-challenge, and fosters peer teaching.

Bal-A-Vis-X is not a game nor sport, and is not designed for athletes or performers. It is a carefully modulated system of exercises that can become increasingly difficult OR increasingly simplified / modified for those with the most severe special needs. Often exercises are done while standing on a Bal-A-Vis-X Brain Buddy Balance Board.

GVSU CHARTER SCHOOLS Hosting Bal-A-Vis-X WORKSHOP (3-days, all days required):

Grand Rapids:

Thursdays:  January 7, February 7, and February 28, 2019


Tuesdays:  January 22, February 5, February 19, 2019